What were your symptoms and how disabled were you at the time of your first visit?

 I was constantly thinking about my jaw and I could not open my mouth without pain.

Overall, how satisfied are you with the treatment?

 It improved my pain very much and was a low-impact procedure. It was much better than having to do surgery, etc.

What improvements did you observe following the treatment?

 It allowed me to open my mouth comfortably again and focus without having to constantly think about my jaw.


Jasenko Pilja

About year ago I started experiencing earache than headache, wasn't able to swallow food, profusely sweated during the night and my shoulder was hurting. After seeing several doctors and an MRI, during sinus exam a specialist suggested that I was suffering from TMJ. I was very skeptical in the beginning but after reading about TMJ and comparing symptoms, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Deresh. During the first visit I realized that the treatment at this office was the right choice for me. She was very knowledgeable and confident in what to do. After two weeks I was able to swallow food, and my headache and earache was gone. Soon after I felt a 100% better. Aside from pain, my mental condition improved tremendously. Finally, after two months of the treatment my hearing in the right ear has come back. I am free of all symptoms and highly confident that Dr. Deresh is one of the best TMJ specialists in Boston.



I had given up on finding relief from the chronic jaw pain & headaches due to TMJ and TMD. Medications & other doctors were unable to help, and my quality of life suffered from the frequent and severe jaw pain. When I met Dr. Deresh, I was immediately impressed with her level of knowledge, and most importantly, how to treat it; I learned more from her more about TMJ and TMD in one office visit than from all my other treatments combined. Her method is innovative yet easy to follow, her practice is based on her thorough and nuanced understanding of this disorder. Thanks to Dr. Deresh, I am well on my way to becoming pain-free and cannot recommend her enough.



I was referred to a TMJ and TMD dentist in Boston because of severe jaw pain and teeth grinding. Luckily for me, this dentist was not available but, Dr. Irina Deresh worked out of his office and was available. Dr. Deresh took the time to explain to me what was causing the pain I was in and she assured me that her treatment plan would help. I was skeptical at first, but after only a couple of weeks, the pain was greatly reduced. I consider Dr. Deresh a miracle worker! I would recommend her to anyone suffering from this problem.



After being in braces for a long time and finally being moved to a retainer to finish my orthodontic treatment, I started having jaw pain and difficulty in chewing my food. I was unable to fully open my jaw and at one time had my mouth stuck open from a yawn - not pleasant! My orthodontist assured me that I had just sprained my jaw muscles and everything would go back to normal, but after seeing Dr. Deresh, she adjusted my retainer to fit closer to my normal bite and my troubles went away! Unfortunately, I got lazy with my treatment and forgot to wear my retainer for a while, but the doctor assures me, and I believe her, that if I continue with the treatment on schedule that my problems will again go away. I would recommend Dr. Deresh to anyone, her knowledge and expertise is unrivaled.


Robert Shaklewood

Dear Dr. Deresh, thank you for being my only dentist over the years. I was very satisfied and happy with treatments that you have had rendered to me and members of family, and especially, with my most recent visits when you took the time to repair my broken dentures - it was excellent, I feel very blessed to have you as my dentist; you're one of the best. Before I forget, your new receptionist is exceptional and polite with good customer services skills.


Lina Sachek

I have been a patient of Dr. Deresh for more than 15 years. She is a very knowledgeable, skilled, and responsible doctor with great experience. Dr. Deresh's consultations, as well as treatments, are extremely valuable to me. She had made my teeth fillings, and they are very strong and last for a long time. Also I had done an implant almost 3 years ago, and have no complaints. Crowns are made by Dr. Deresh almost 15 years ago and still are in a perfect condition. I went to other doctors, however, I find that Dr. Deresh is the best of the dentists I have ever met. Now I am her patient again. I trust her completely, and recommend everybody to visit Dr. Deresh.



I have had a wonderful experience while being seen by Dr. Deresh. Upon coming here to be diagnosed with TMJ and TMD, I had headaches every day. Now that I have been fully treated my headaches are very very rare. I would recommend Dr. Deresh to anyone, including my family and friends. I also want to note that prior to Dr. Deresh, I had seen numerous and I mean numerous physicians to try & help me with my headaches. I had been on a tremendous number of medications, also it wasn't until I started seeing Dr. Deresh that I feel somewhat normal now & not in hardly any pain. Dr. Deresh is an exceptional, professional and personal dentist.