In our practice we dedicate our time strictly to TMJ and TMD cares and are capable of assisting patients in all degrees of difficulty with their symptoms.
Usually, the treatment course lasts for 4-6 months even if you have been suffering for years or have been seen other providers with no results. However, after 2 firsts weeks of visiting Dr. Deresh pain will be already gone. Multi disciplinary approach is used when required.

The TMD and TMJ treatment consists, but is not limited, to the fabrication of splints, and splint adjustments.

Other treatment modalities may be employed as necessary: soft tissue laser treatments, trigger point injections, anti inflammatory injections into the joint, medications (antidepressants and/or muscle-relaxants).

Patients might be referred to other specialists as necessary, and the treatment by chiropractor, acupuncturist and massage therapy might be required.

MRI might be required.

Please note that TMD and TMJ are complex problems, and the success of the treatment is largely dependent on the patient's compliance.

Usually, treatment phases are:

First Appointment: New patient comprehensive examination, and treatment planning.

During this appointment the doctor will:

1. Collect all the necessary information to diagnose the problem and create a personalised treatment plan.

2. Office personnel will communicate with the insurance and discuss financial arrangements with the patient. Regardless of the insurance involvement, bill payment is always patient's responsibility.

3. After the mutual understanding and an agreement has been achieved, the treatment starts with the impressions for the splints (MORA).

Second appointment: The completed splints (MORA) are given to the patient, and extensively adjusted. This appointment might take about 1 hour.

Third and all subsequent appointments- Equilibration of the splints, usually takes about 30 minutes.

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